Patient Advance Health Plan

This revolutionary healthcare plan will help accelerate access to optimum treatment pathways in collaboration with a GP and other healthcare professionals and facilitate a return to good health.

Whether it be Cancer, Mental Health or less severe medical conditions, a Nurse Case Manager will handle the treatment pathway from diagnosis to treatment and aftercare.


If an employee is referred by a GP they will be assigned a Nurse Case Manager who will utilise the NHS e-referral system (e-RS) to help arrange consultations, diagnostic procedures and treatment options through either NHS or private hospitals.

Their Nurse Case Manager will help them navigate through the NHS system to ensure consultant appointments, diagnostics tests and hospital stays are arranged as promptly as possible.

They can claim towards the cost of a diagnostic consultation, diagnostic tests, MRI and CT scans, and it doesn’t matter whether they have their healthcare through the NHS or privately.

Support will be provided to your employee and their family in managing the medical, social, emotional and vocational issues related to their illness or injury.

The plan also includes cashback on everyday health costs such as dental and optical treatments and various therapies, as well as 24/7 365 days a year access to a GP helpline and private prescription service.


  • This new healthcare scheme is available to employers with 5 or more staff.
  • There is no maximum age limit.
  • There is no medical required.


  • £28 per month per employee for Level 1 personal cover
  • £40 per month per employee for Level 2 personal cover
  • The monthly premiums include Insurance Premium Tax.

The option to include a partner and children is available. In addition to the cover provided by the employer there are additional levels of upgrade cover available.

Personal and family cover – children of an employee can be covered on a personal or family plan until their 18th birthday.

We authorise payment of 90% of eligible claims within two working days of receipt.


  • A unique combination of employee care and cashback on everyday treatments.
  • Employees will be able to access faster NHS treatment.
  • The whole process will be managed by a Nurse Case Manager who will provide support and guidance to your employees.
  • Your business will help ease the burden on the NHS.
  • The plan will help facilitate a return to good health for your employee.


BHSF Limited – A market-leading not-for-profit provider of health insurance since 1873, BHSF currently insures 375,000 people through 225,000 policies. BHSF will underwrite all the policies delivered.

Patient Advocate – A leading healthcare services provider that accelerates your access to healthcare, enabling you to get back to good health quicker, through its unique access to the NHS e-referral system (e-RS).

Nugent Santé – A leading independent health insurance intermediary handling in excess of £15 million of client premiums. Nugent Santé will be selling this unique product.

This unique product is not available anywhere else in the UK.


“I think the service I have received has been exemplary.  To be able to secure a hospital appointment within such a short period of time was due to the hard work and determination of the team.  I am truly grateful for all that has been achieved and would certainly recommend this service as excellent.”

“The service is helpful. Your staff are extremely friendly, quick with their outcome (given third party intervention) and I am pleased that the organisation for whom I work, was able to purchase your service for their staff.  Thank you”.

“Thank you very much for your time and kindness.  It is people like you who lighten the load”.

“Thank you for all your help, as I don’t think we would have managed to progress without it”!

“You have been fantastic thanks for all your efforts and help”.

“Thank you very much for chasing up my appointments”


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