Travel Insurance

Key Features

  1. Cost effective multi-trip policies
  2. Covering theft and medical emergencies abroad
  3. Policies for Europe only or worldwide cover
  4. Long-stay policies for extra long trips

Many businesses provide a group travel insurance policy as an employee benefit. A group policy can be cost effective and can cover members travelling on business as well as leisure, and our plans will cover pre-existing medical conditions providing that the insured is fit to travel.

Travel insurance is an absolute must for any company where employees will be travelling abroad. Not only is the employee covered for health and medical emergencies, but any equipment owned by the business would be insured in case of loss, theft or damage.

Company travel insurance policies can be purchased in several ways. You can elect for a single trip policy to cover your employees on one trip within set dates, or you can purchase an annual multi-trip policy which covers your employees all year round – this tends to be the more cost effective option is you have employees who travel frequently.

At Nugent Santé, we have a number of travel insurers that we use and will obtain the most suitable policy based on our client’s needs and budget. We believe in travel cover being at a comprehensive level and would recommend the best covers available on the market to give our clients peace of mind when travelling away around the world.

Policy Providers