Healthcare Trusts

Key Features

  1. Flexible cost-effective alternative to traditional PMI
  2. For companies with an excess of 100 employees
  3. Fund size varies based on value of previous PMI claims
  4. Any fund excess can be carried over into the following year

If your company employs in excess of 100 employees, a healthcare trust can provide you with a cost-effective alternative to private medical insurance by saving you money on insurance premiums and putting you in control of the cover your employees enjoy.

Healthcare trusts are a recognised alternative to traditional schemes and are becoming increasingly popular as more and more companies look for new ways of providing healthcare benefits for their employees. They operate in an almost identical manner, except that, with a healthcare trust, you have greater flexibility on cover and can make significant cost savings.

As an employer, you can choose the policy benefit limits and have discretion on paying employees claims that may be outside the parameters you have set for the scheme. You can even save money if claims are low, rather than the savings going to an insurer as increased profits.

Nugent Santé will arrange the Trust provider for you, as well as an administrator who will mange your employees claims. Talk to us and we will advise of the best provider for your healthcare trust.

Policy Providers

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