International Private Medical Insurance

Key Features

  1. Covering employees travelling abroad to work
  2. More comprehensive policies than travel insurance
  3. Options to cover routine maternity, dental care and vaccinations
  4. Tailor your policy to your specific company needs

There has been a recent surge in companies investing in business overseas and with this comes employees having to travel abroad in order to work. An employer has a duty of care to ensure their prized employees are adequately covered should they fall ill while away from home, and hospital charges can be paid for.

At Nugent Santé, we have access to the leading insurers who specialise in covering employees on an international level. This means that should they need urgent diagnosis, surgery or even physiotherapy for a medical condition, treatment can be dealt with and completely covered cost-wise while they are away working. Unlike traditional UK medical insurances, the international plans include options to cover routine maternity, dental and optical, as well as vaccinations.

Our dedicated team can advise on available plans from the whole insurance market. If you have employees who work abroad, please get in touch and we will devise a solution to suit your employees and your budget.

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