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Covid-19 update

Nugent Sante

It is of utmost importance that Nugent Santé continues to support all of our clients during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Nugent Santé has invested in the very latest software and has systems and controls which allows all of our staff to work remotely and autonomously from the rest of the team. We will continue to use these systems to their full advantage over the coming months in the event of self-isolation due to infection, school closures or other government advice.

From Thursday 19th March we will all be working remotely as a precaution and we have tested our procedures and will be working efficiently as a team, so that we continue to provide our service.

We pride ourselves on our response times and the service we provide to clients. We hope the measures we have put in place will allow us to continue this level of service but do ask that consideration is taken into account should our responses take longer than usual in the most severe of circumstances.  

Your insurance policies remain to be safe and we are in close liaison with our insurer partners to ensure continued maintenance of your cover

You are in safe hands with Nugent Santé.