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Covers the full cost of private hospital treatment

Quick admission to hospital and speedy diagnosis

Quick admission to hospital and speedy diagnosis

Quick admission to hospital and speedy diagnosis

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International Private Medical Insurance

Moving abroad? We can help cover your personal medical needs

Many people move abroad to experience a better climate and to fulfill their dreams of living in the sun. The UK is one of the few countries in the world that provides a free health service, which is why it is imperative for people who move away to insure against ill health while living abroad.

Nugent Santé have established firm relationships with leading insurance providers that specialise in covering ex-pats on an international level, so should you ever require diagnosis, surgery or physiotherapy while living abroad, treatment can be provided and costs fully covered.

Unlike traditional UK medical insurances, international medical plans include options to cover routine dental care, optical tests and vaccinations. We have a dedicated team who can advise on the best policies across the whole market, so if you are living abroad or thinking about moving abroad, please get in touch with Nugent Santé today to formulate a plan.

Full medical cover while living abroad from the UK

A comprehensive alternative to travel insurance policies

Tailor your policy to your individual medical needs

Options to cover dental care, optical tests and vaccinations

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