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International Health insurance: 1 to 1 clinic

Paul Nugent is spending a morning at the NWLCC advising North West businesses on the importance of health insurance for employees who work and travel abroad for business. His advice will be dedicated to ensuring you are protecting your business as well as your employees by taking some simple steps.

Why is health insurance important?

With the growth in overseas business, whether that be in Europe or across the globe every business needs to put measures in place to protect its staff.

Organisations have a duty of care to their employees when sending them overseas to work, and this may include contractors and family members.

With the geopolitical landscape continually changing, each business needs to understand and take responsibility for any risk to their staff as well as their families, and particularly their health.

For employees who are stationed abroad a simple travel insurance policy will not be adequate and will only cover emergency medical expenses whereas International Private Medical Insurance covers routine medical conditions, so that whilst someone is away from home they still have access to treatment quickly so can return to work or normal daily living speedily by using the policy.

The benefits

It can prove very costly for your organisation if your employees become ill or require emergency medical treatment, especially when they’re working abroad.

Having International Health Insurance in place can avoid the expense of staff being absent for long periods or expensive hospital treatment.

Employees also need reassurance that they can be treated under bespoke health insurance policies should they fall ill whilst away from home or require any emergency treatment.

IPMI covers all industry sectors and covers:

  • All expatriates
  • Companies with staff abroad
  • Companies that attract staff here to the UK
  • High net worth people
  • Students that go abroad
  • Students who come here to study

If you would like to discuss opportunities for your business and book an individual appointment (30 minutes) please contact us on 01772 585085 or email

North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9WT

Wednesday 17thApril 09.30am-2.00pm