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Critical Illness Cover

We wish you nothing but the best. But how would you manage if you found yourselves facing the worst?

That’s where life or critical illness cover comes in. It helps protect you both by paying out if one of you were to die or get an illness you’re insured against,* whichever happens first while you’re covered by the plan.

£50,000 of life or critical illness cover could cost just less than £24 a month.** And with peace of mind like that, you can concentrate on building a wonderful life together.

*Not all insurers cover the same illnesses, and definitions for illnesses may vary.

**Source: Royal London Personal Menu plan, October 2018. £23.76 based on a 29-year-old non-smoking couple, 25-year term, level lump sum, no children’s critical illness included, including £2.60 plan charge.