Personal Wellness

Key Features

  1. Health screening available to everyone
  2. Early detection of various health issues
  3. Detailed health reports from experienced specialists
  4. Attend at a convenient location to suit you

At Nugent Santé, we believe it is important to look after and keep a check of the most important thing in life, and that mainly includes both you and your own health.

Health screenings are available to everyone so you can gain an overview of your current health and lifestyle and if anything about it needs to change if you are to stay fit and healthy. People who attend health screenings receive very detailed health reports, outlining results of various tests including: cholesterol levels, blood pressure, eyesight, liver function, cardiac screening, hearing and many more.

Some results are available immediately and can be discussed at the hospital or clinic with the doctor/consultant, with recommendations available. At Nugent Santé, we use a range of well known leading providers and can arrange discounted rates from the listed price if you were to purchase this service directly.

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