Private Medical Insurance

Key Features

  1. Covers the full cost of private hospital treatment
  2. Quick admission to hospital and speedy diagnosis
  3. Treatment at a convenient time and location for you
  4. Consultant or specialist of your choice

Private Medical Insurance covers the cost of your private hospital treatment and investigations. Having a personal medical insurance policy allows you to receive speedy diagnosis and private treatment for short-term, curable medical problems, without being on a long waiting list.

Policies vary considerably, ranging from standard policies covering surgery, consultations, nursing and hospital care, to comprehensive policies that cover much more, including outpatient appointments, access to the leading private hospitals, complementary medicine and other health related benefits. Appointments are usually held in a private facility local to you and conducted by a consultant or specialist of your choice.

By having Private Medical Insurance, you can benefit from gaining early diagnosis as well as receiving speedy medical treatment if necessary, meaning that you can be back on your feet and back to normal daily living as soon as possible.

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