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How to retain productive and valuable employees

Successful businesses spend a lot of time, effort and money in finding the right employee. We aren’t just talking managerial positions, your frontline staff play an equally important role and often your receptionist or shop assistant will be the first point of contact your customers or prospects will have with your business. What about your office administrators and sales staff? They all play crucial roles regardless of what your business delivers. So, that time and effort really is worth it, because the person you employ must be right, not just at ‘doing the job” but fitting in with the culture and values of your business.

Now, you’ve found the right person, how do you hang onto them? Retaining staff can be a real challenge for many businesses. Losing staff isn’t just disruptive it can also be costly – production may take a downturn, relationships with customers could be affected and you may not be able to meet your business commitments.

So, what can you do to retain positive, productive and valuable employees?

A famous business tycoon once said “If you look after your staff then they will look after your business.” Nugent Santé is a firm believer in Mr Branson’s ethics and what’s more have a very happy and healthy workforce!

How do we do this and how can we help you as our clients to create the same buzz and positivity about your business? So much is dependent on the culture of your business and creating an environment where your staff feel valued and respected.
We suggest you try to:

  • Be flexible every now and again
  • Have dress down days
  • Buy your staff breakfast or lunch occasionally
  • Engage with your staff out of work

It’s also important that you look after your employees’ interests by providing an employee benefits package that will reflect their value to your business.

We can really help you here be providing packages that are appreciated by your staff and very affordable to your business. These can range from:

  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Health screening
  • Occupational health
  • Cash plans
  • Dental Cover
  • Travel insurance

Each one of these can be tailored to suit your business and staff requirements, so they deliver effective solutions that help your employees and business remain happy, healthy and profitable.

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