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Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle?

Health Screenings

It’s great to have a medical insurance policy because you know that you can get speedy access to private medical treatment to deal with any illness and injury that occurs.

But, wouldn’t it be far more beneficial if you could actually detect any illness early or prevent it altogether?

You can achieve this through health screenings, which are all about preventing illness and improving your lifestyle.

Health screenings provide an excellent opportunity to review your health and highlight any areas that require improvement through some simple tests.

There are many benefits to health screenings:

  • Screening can detect a problem early, before you have any symptoms.
  • Finding out about a problem early can mean that treatment is more effective.
  • Finding out you have a health problem or an increased risk of a health problem can help you make better informed decisions about your health.
  • Screening can reduce the risk of developing a condition or its complications.
  • Screening can save lives.Health Screening
  • Most of the time, screening results are normal and you will walk away with peace of mind.

Nugent Santé have partnered with Nuffield Health, one of the leading Health organisations in the UK, who are offering Nugent Santé clients a 20% reduction in rates from a range of their Health Assessments.

All of the health assessments are carried out by specialist nurses and results will be reviewed by a Doctor, who will discuss and highlight any concerns.  Clients will also receive a tailored lifestyle report which can assist with weight management, nutrition, exercise and stress. Nuffield Health are easily accessible with centres spanning across the whole of the UK.

Please get in touch with us if you would like further information or if indeed you wish to book a Nuffield Health Screen.

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