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What’s your biggest asset?

Your house? Your car? Your phone? Your computer? Actually, it’s none of these, it’s you!

You insure your home and your car, so why wouldn’t you insure yourself? It’s very cost-effective and certainly worthwhile.

If you think how much you may earn over your lifetime, it is likely to be substantially more than your car or even your property.


Should something happen to you a Life Insurance policy could:

  • Help your dependents with mortgage payments 
  • Provide for your spouse in your absence
  • Protect your children financially in very difficult circumstances

When should you buy a policy?

There’s no ideal time to take out a Life Insurance policy. It’s one of those things we all inevitably put off until we hit an unexpected crisis. People are often prompted when their personal circumstances change, for example:

  • A change in their income such as being promoted or being made redundant
  • Getting married, especially if you are the main breadwinner
  • Buying a house and taking out a mortgage
  • Becoming a parent and starting a family 

How we can help

Rather than trawling through a mass of complex policies we can independently look for a policy that is right for you from a wide range of insurers.

For more details, call our professional team on 01772 585085 who will help you choose the policy that is right for you, your budget and your dependents. For more information email info@nugentsante.comor